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What is the goal?

The goal of the project is to bring together employees from various domains of the university and external representatives from business, politics, and various societal groups in a setting removed from day-to-day business and initiate a dialogue between them on the self-concept and identity of the university and its various fields of activity. This enables the individual actors to combine their expertise and bring it to bear in areas in which it is necessary to initiate optimization processes.

The project is grounded on the conviction that the identity and the quality of a comprehensive university are complex and diverse entities – and that this can be an important source of creative potential. As a vibrant and ever-changing institution, the university has an identity and quality that can not be pinned down as a fixed constant; rather, identity and quality are in this case processes that are simultaneously permanent and dynamic.

The objective is thus to develop a culture in which exchange concerning the self-concept and identity of the university receives a broad, experimental, and permanent space in which to flourish.

We understand the Innovation and Dialogue Workshop of the University of Freiburg as a space of this kind.