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Service Paths

We cast a critical eye on existing structures and processes, using the idea of the “student life cycle” and a rough process map as a starting point.

The goal was to take the perspective of students into systematic account in the process of reorganizing student services at the university. Thus, the main focus was not on administrative processes or organizational relationships but rather on the paths applicants and students have to tread to take advantage of university services.

We determined what questions all concerned parties are confronted with in their daily lives at the university. This enabled us to identify optimal paths through the university’s service landscape. As a consequence, we assigned information and advising functions to particular service elements. This enabled us to identify what kinds of information can and must be provided over the Internet and where it makes more sense to offer personal advising.

Our experience using concrete examples of service paths to derive general rules for service operations has helped us to ensure that students will no longer be sent from pillar to post.