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The Limits of the University

Congress on the Future

The future of the traditional university in Germany has been a hotly debated topic since the middle of the previous century. Nevertheless, higher education reforms have been slow in coming and often halfhearted. Innovative approaches for reinventing the classical university are constantly in danger of getting lost between the fronts of entrenched ideological positions.

The University of Freiburg took advantage of its 550th anniversary in the year 2007 to try out a new approach for discussing university reforms: the Congress on the Future. The university invited visionary thinkers from universities, politics, industry, administration, and society to engage in a dialogue on different ideas concerning the future of the classical university. The method enables the ideas and their consequences to be visualized and experienced directly.

The goal was to develop clear ideas and concrete incentives for the further development of the classical university – for the higher education landscape in general as well as at the University of Freiburg itself.

The documentation of results and video recordings of the central meetings are available for downloading online.

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We would like to thank the organizations that helped us organize the anniversary celebration...

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...and our Congress on the Future project partners.

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