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Ideas and Goals

Watch out, experiments!

Open, creative, visionary, and constructive – roughly 360 participants from universities, political institutions, private companies, administration, and societal organizations as well as employees and students of the University of Freiburg discussed utopian and realistic limits to the university of the future (“What would happen if...”) and the necessary steps to reaching them (“What would have to happen in order to...”) in twelve different workshops in two-half day sessions.

The workshops on the relevant limits of a classic university were led by professors and directors of central service departments of the University of Freiburg.

The workshops received support from specially trained “graphic facilitators,” who distilled the central theme from the multitude of ideas and experiences to make it visible to the participants, generated concentrations of content concerning common concerns, and encouraged interaction between the participants.

Criticism – Utopias/Ideas – Realization

The goal of the Congress on the Future was to develop clear ideas and concrete incentives for the further development of the classical university – for the higher education landscape in general as well as at the University of Freiburg itself.

The university invited visionary thinkers from universities, politics, industry, administration, and society to engage in a dialogue on different ideas concerning the future of the classical university that enhances the visibility of their consequences and allows them to be experienced directly.

The participants also approached the topic on the basis of thought experiments:

  • “What would happen if...?” on the conceivable limits of the university in the future (visions/ideas) and
  • “What would have to happen in order to...?” on the necessary steps on the way to the limits of the university of the future (recommendations for action).