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Idea and Implementation

The Congress on the Future of the University of Freiburg has many mothers and fathers.

Initial ideas were discussed by the curators of the anniversary celebration and the Anniversary Office. The University Leadership, the Anniversary Committee, and the Anniversary Office gave these ideas more concrete form with support from Triad Berlin.

The thematic orientation and, more importantly, the question of what makes up the future of the university were elaborated by a work group comprised of “young” (or, more precisely, recently appointed) professors from all faculties of the University of Freiburg and headed by Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Volz.

The concept of the Congress on the Future was further refined in the course of numerous discussions with various departments and institutions of the university. It was especially impressive to see how many chances for learning and developmental processes for the diverse competencies of a classical university the participants came up with even before the congress officially began.

  • The minds behind the workshops: The workshops on the relevant limits of a classic university were prepared and led by professors and directors of central service departments of the University of Freiburg.
  • The minds behind the Congress on the Future: The various elements of the Congress on the Future were planned and realized independently by employees of the university alongside their actual functions. They were selected on the basis of their qualifications alone.

And a Congress on the Future is always only the point of departure for far-ranging future developments...


The University of Freiburg received support on the process design and moderation of the Congress on the Future by Dr. Marianne Grobner (MCV Management- und Organisations.Entwicklung GmbH, Lustenau/Österreich) and Dr. Hermann Will (WUP WILL UND PARTNER, Berg/Deutschland).