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Visions (forum)

Ideological discussions are often an impediment to serious experiments; phrases like “should” and “must” were thus taboo during the Congress on the Future. Instead, the multitude of normative ideas about the limits of the classical university was discussed beforehand.

Outside View

Current opinions and ideas on the future of the classical university were introduced in the publication “The Humboldt Laboratory.” Various well-known and lesser-known personalities contributed their subjective reflections on what the university “should” and “must” be and do in the future. Among other things, the “Humboldt Laboratory” affords insight into the topics discussed in the twelve workshops. Moreover, the publication includes experts’ thoughts on the development of the university from current and historical perspectives. Finally, interviews conducted throughout Germany by traveling student editors present visions on the university of the future from various areas of society.

All participants received the publication directly before the Congress on the Future as a foretaste of the experiments to come. It can be downloaded from this website.

Inside View (forum)

The ideas of those directly affected by the course the university will take in the future, i.e. students, faculty, and staff, were an essential element of the Congress on the Future – a reflection of the anniversary motto "We are the university." Thus, a forum for exchanging ideas was created to help students and employees prepare for the Congress on the Future.

All students, faculty, and staff of the University of Freiburg were invited to post their own personal vision on the topic "University of the Future." The initial question was: "What would be the perfect university for me?" The curriculum, examination procedures, work environment, facilities, decision-making structures, administrative procedures, equipment... Anything personally important to students and employees, whether idealistic or realistic, was a potential topic in the forum.