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BarCamp sounds like camping and un-conference like chaos.

We would like to see a bit of both here in Freiburg at the end of October. We will provide for such a pleasant environment that we'll be able to stand comparison with a camping site and limit the chaos at least to the point where it has no negative impact on the creativity.

Where and When

frias-lounge01.jpg We'll be meeting on the premises of FRIAS (Natural Sciences Campus, Albertstraße 19, 79104 Freiburg i. Br.), no. 24 on the map.

Friday, 26 October 2012
4 to 9 p.m.: After getting a good start, including registration and a greeting, we will hold various sessions, which may run parallel to one another. One time slot (or a session) runs 30 min., including discussion time. We will finish the day in a relaxed atmosphere.

Saturday, 27 October 2012
9 a.m. to 12 noon: Again 30 min. sessions, after which (at 12 Uhr) we will eat lunch together and start our well-deserved weekend at 1 p.m.

Interaction and Information

BarCamps take into account the fact that people can exchange ideas and learn from one another better in an open environment. It is an intense form of event, including discussions, presentations, and participants interacting as equals.

Everyone who has something to contribute or wants to learn something is welcome and invited to participate.

Presentation and Documentation

There are no speakers, no guest lectures, no keynote speech, and there is also no audience. Each participant is a speaker, moderator, or panel member. All participants either give a presentation, lead a session, or help with an item on the program. Everyone contributes to making the event a success on a voluntary basis. And no one is placed under any kind of pressure.

The program for all of the presentations will not drawn up until the day itself. Read up on social media in advance if you're not already an expert. Prepare a contribution (idea, striking theory, figures, etc.) and enter it into the program. Offer your ideas, questions, experiences, etc. spontaneously as soon as the event gives you the chance.

All of the contributions, ideas, interjections, suggestions, notes, drawings, etc. are posted on the internet by the participants themselves and/or us (materials and results).

Food and Drink (and Sleep)

We would like – thanks to support from our sponsors – to provide food and drink at the event. At the moment, we can't give away any details. Bring a bottle of water and a snack and wait and see what else we can organize. We'll let you know once we're sure we can provide you with complete meals.

If you need a place to sleep, please contact us. We would like it if you could find a place to stay on your own, but we're also happy to help you. If we find out about a place where several people can spend the night for free, we'll let you know.

And now? Participate!


We would like to thank the following BarCamps for ideas in organizing and planning our own event: BarCamp Berlin, BarCamp Cologne, Barcamp Nürnberg and BarCamp Stuttgart.

For general information on BarCamps, read the Wikipedia article on the topic or visit If you prefer images, watch the video on BarCamp Kiel.