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Call for Proposals

The University of Freiburg, founded 551 years ago, is one of the most renowned universities in Germany. It is among the winners of the Excellence Initiative and is placed among the best universities in Germany in numerous rankings. More than 20,000 students at 11 faculties and 100 institutes and departments are supervised by over 400 professors. With its 14,000 employees, the university is the largest employer in Freiburg as well as the entire region of Southern Baden.

The Wording of the Call for Proposals from 2008

“The university is planning to revise its corporate design. The new design should include clear rules for designing various media (Web, print, multimedia). At the same time, the revised CD should enable the optical integration of the various departments with their individual profiles under the umbrella of the university, the goal being to make their affiliation to the university apparent and to enhance and consolidate the recognizability of the university as a whole.

The university wishes to engage the services of an advertising or communication agency that has experience developing a corporate design and implementing it in a corresponding body of rules and regulations in a complex environment like that of a university. In addition to expertise in graphic design, we expect competent advising services and dedicated and professional supervision of the overall process.

Interested agencies will receive detailed briefing materials upon request.

Please send your request by email along with your complete contact information by 21 November 2008.”