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Entrepreneurial Office of the University of Freiburg Successful in Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology’s EXIST Competition

The University of Freiburg is one of 24 higher education institutions whose draft proposal has reached the second round of the nationwide competition “EXIST Entrepreneurial Culture – ‘The Entrepreneurial University,’” organized by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The Entrepreneurial Office at the Center for Technology Transfer of the University of Freiburg, headed by Prof. Dr. Bernhard J. Arnolds, formulated the draft proposal on the basis of its experience in translating scientific findings into successful new companies. There were a total of 17 proposals from higher education institutions in Baden-Württemberg, but only Freiburg and Mannheim were asked to submit full proposals in 2011.

The new funding competition is a part of the initiative “Germany – Land of Entrepreneurs.” 83 higher education institutions submitted draft proposals in the first round. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology will provide five years of funding to realize up to ten convincing strategies starting in the fall of 2011. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the European Social Fund (ESF) have agreed to provide around 46 million euros in funding in the coming seven years for the competition “The Entrepreneurial University.”

The objective of the funding program is to strengthen the climate for founding new businesses and encourage entrepreneurial thinking and acting at universities. The program “EXIST – Businesses from Research” was initiated in 1998 to fund measures and projects that improve the entrepreneurial climate and strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit at universities and research institutions across Germany.

Further information and the press release from 14 September 2010 [de].

University of Freiburg wins the competition “EXIST Entrepreneurial Culture – The Entrepreneurial University”