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University Community Film Project

Dialogue Process

“Quality and Excellence” – these two terms have been on everyone’s lips since the first round of the Excellence Initiative. Now the third round is underway, and the university is preparing to grasp the opportunity and have its status as an Excellence University confirmed. On the whole, the Excellence competition has sparked lively discussions on the significance of science and research in modern society. The University of Freiburg has taken it upon itself to encourage these discussions, bring them into better focus, and illustrate their practical relevance.

In the fall of 2010, the university thus launched a community film project themed “’That’s How I See It’ – Quality and Excellence” within the context of the Innovation and Dialogue Workshop. This project gives all students and employees of the university as well as external participants the opportunity to grapple with the topics of quality and excellence at the University of Freiburg and document and comment on this process in a film. The results will be presented online.


The basis and main point of reference for quality assurance at the university is the quality goals for the areas of research, academics, and governance passed by the Senate (overview of quality goals as PDF [de]).