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Conditions for Participation

Who Could Participate and How?

All students, employees, departments, and faculties of the University of Freiburg, as well as interested persons from outside of the university, were welcome to participate in the Community Film Project. All they had to do was log in to their university account and upload their film. The approved films were posted on the Web, where they could be viewed, commented on, and judged. A special form was made available for external participants. 

What Kinds of Videos Could Be Submitted?

It was possible to submit audiovisual productions filmed with a video camera or a smartphone camera, flash animations, slide shows set to music, or hybrid forms.

The films could be between 30 seconds and 12 minutes long and had to have as their topic the University of Freiburg or its departments. Beyond these requirements, the creative possibilities were endless: Participants could submit a music video of their favorite department, a fascinating documentary on excellent research, or a slide show set to music.

It was possible to upload videos in the following formats: MPEG, MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GPP.

PowerPoint presentations could be recorded with the help of the free screen recording software CamStudio and converted to one of the permitted formats.

The following categories could be combined:

Possible genres:

interview, documentary, report, animation, music video, comedy, movie, other
Possible topics: What makes up quality and excellence?; Quality in daily life at the university; This is why our university is excellent; Freiburg rocks!; Outstanding personalities at the university; Salut – Holá – Nǐhǎo: My Erasmus year in Freiburg; Greetings from my semester abroad; Scrutinizing quality goals at the university; University institutions; other
My environment: teaching; research; administration; Freiburg; other
My role:  

students; teachers; employees; alumni; external persons; others


Legal Aspects

  • Films submitted to the University of Freiburg’s Community Film Project could not offend against the standards of common decency or violate current laws (particularly copyright law, brand rights, and rights to names of third parties).
  • Videos that violated criminal law, contained pornographic, illegal, or racist content or content that was potentially harmful for youths, advocated violence, or infringed on the personal rights of third persons were excluded.
  • The University of Freiburg reserved the right to exclude, block, or delete videos at its discretion and could do so at any time without waiting to hear the affected participant.
  • All claims against the organizer due to the exclusion, blocking, or deletion of videos were excluded.
  • Participants had to provide their consent to the following:

By uploading the work, I declare my agreement with the following points:

  • The university may copy, disseminate, and publish the work and its content free of charge and permanently.
  • The university may modify and edit the work and its content.
  • The following conditions apply: The name of the author and copyright holder will be named in the way he or she specified. The submitted work may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • In the case of dissemination, the participant must inform the organizer of all licensing conditions that apply to the relevant work, especially if licenses were granted to other parties.
  • The participant assures that he/she is the sole copyright holder of the work as a whole and of all sequences thereof. No third parties may hold the rights to any of the images and persons shown in the work.
  • Should the use of the work infringe upon the intellectual property rights of a third party and/or other claims be asserted by third parties, the participant agrees to release the university from liability for all claims by third parties. This release from liability also includes assumption of any necessary legal defense or prosecution fees.