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Quality and excellence can manifest themselves in a wide variety of contexts: in a seminar, in a workgroup, in a research finding, etc., or even in things that may at first glance perhaps not make a big impression, such as good networks, good support, or good service.


Participants could use a digital camera or their phone, make a flash animation or a professional short film, do an interview, music clip, or animation – the possibilities for unleashing their creativity were (almost) endless. Further information is available in the conditions for participation.


All students, employees, departments, and faculties of the University of Freiburg, as well as interested persons from outside of the university, were welcome to participate in the Innovation and Dialogue Workshop’s Community Film Project.

What Kind of Support Was Available?

Participants had many options for learning more about making films – such as a professional skills course on screenplay writing or an e-tutorial on flash media. In addition, they could borrow cameras from the New Media Center and use its cutting room.