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Goals in Studies and Teaching

No quality without goals!

What is good teaching? In order to answer this question, we as a university need to decide which goals we want to set for studies and teaching, goals that ensure our high academic quality on the one hand and initiate constant improvements on the other. Since providing quality studies and teaching is one of the university's main responsibilities and concerns us all, we would like to bring everyone together to discuss these questions at an innovation workshop: Students, teachers, administrative employees, and all other members of the University of Freiburg are invited to contribute their ideas.

And we will use your input too: The university is currently working on improving its quality management system for studies and teaching. The basis for a system of this kind must consist in clearly defined, broadly accepted, and ultimately also verifiable goals that result from the dialogue process we will be starting on 3 June 2016. In addition, the university will be preparing a possible system accreditation while developing the system.

As you see, this is important! Be part of the process! Sign up to participate! [de]

On these pages, we will keep you up to date on current developments in the workshop, make the results available in writing and images, and also inform you about the further use of your input after the end of the workshop. For more information in the run-up to the innovation workshop, please read this blog entry from the Instructional Quality Workshop.