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Teaching in 2030

Innovation Workshop

Teaching and Learning at the University in 2030

On 14 January 2011, we invited all students, teaching faculty, and staff of the University of Freiburg to help shape the future of teaching. Here is a full account of the Teaching Innovation Workshop and information on how this process will be continued in the future.


What makes the university capable of acting in the long term? Good research and instruction!

The University of Freiburg is using the Innovation and Dialogue Workshop to tackle long-term strategic questions. Previous topics have included “The Limits of the University" and "Strategic Identity." Now the Innovation Workshop is focusing on teaching: What challenges will the University of Freiburg face in this area in the future? How can it use existing opportunities to improve instructional culture at the university and guarantee high-quality teaching in the long term, even in the face of changing societal or legal conditions?

Shape the future of instruction!

The university organized the Innovation Workshop “Instruction – Teaching and Learning at the University in 2030” in order to discuss these questions (more on the idea and goal and the program).

The participants discussed various perspectives for the development of teaching at the University of Freiburg in the year 2030 and worked out options for action. The participants were divided up into four work groups and given one of four scenarios to discuss (description of the work groups and the scenarios).

The Innovation Workshop was also a reaction to the education strike in 2009, at which students demanded a discussion of the fundamental values of a university education. The workshop received funding from the Innovation Endowment Fund; the proposal for funding was supported by the student Board of Twelve.

How to Participate?

Easy: Students, teaching faculty, and staff of the university met on Friday, 14 January 2011, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the administrative building on Fahnenbergplatz. The goal was to encourage broad student involvement in the Innovation Workshop. A total of 60 people were allowed to participate. A certain amount of slots were reserved for each group and awarded to the first people to send in their registration. The registration period ended on 17 December 2010.


The Teaching Innovation Workshop was supervised by the Department of Instructional Development.