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Idea and Goals

The Innovation Workshop dealt with opportunities and challenges in the area of instruction. How can the University of Freiburg use existing opportunities to improve its instructional culture and guarantee high-quality teaching in the long term, even in the face of changing societal or legal conditions?

What makes the university capable of acting in the long term? Good research and instruction!

The University of Freiburg’s concept Windows for Higher Education was successful in the Excellent Teaching competition held by the Standing Conference of the State Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs. The university has initiated a continuous dialogue process in order to promote quality in instruction in the long term and develop an enduring quality culture.

Goals of the Workshop

The Innovation Workshop on strategic identity developed “a conception of the university as an institution that can be described with the values free, open, creative, and innovative.” The goal is to develop this conception further for the area of instruction. The participants will discuss various perspectives for the development of teaching at the University of Freiburg in the year 2030 and work out options for action on the basis of scenarios on the development of the international higher education landscape published by the OECD. Each of four work groups will be given one of four scenarios to discuss.

First, the scenarios will be concretized: What would the scenario mean for the situation of teaching at the University of Freiburg in 2030? What options for action would there be? How could one realize good instruction under these conditions? Second, the groups will work their way backwards from the possible future scenario to the present situation by asking themselves the questions "Where do we stand now?" and "How do we get there?" This path will be traced on several different levels: What desirable or probable paths of development are there for the teachers, the students, the university as an institution, and, finally, for the university in the region?

The groups will then discuss these four worlds with different potential paths of development. After the workshop, the results will be edited and made available to all faculty, staff, and students of the university as a basis for discussion; the findings will also be integrated into the university’s mission statement process.