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Mission Statement ZUV

The Central University Administration (ZUV) drafted a mission statement within the framework of the human resources development process. The mission statement was written in cooperation with all interested ZUV employees.

All ZUV employees contributed their input and reflections on a good mission statement for the ZUV from the beginning in a multistage procedure. The results of a kickoff event provided the basis for developing an initial first draft of the statement. This draft was then evaluated and amended by the entire administration in an evaluation process.

On the basis of a second workshop with all interested parties (Evaluation and Concretization Workshop, second draft), the workgroup prepared a final version, which was then passed by the Rectorate. The mission statement and a short film with video messages on the statement were presented at an implementation event on 26 November 2014 in the presence of the members of the Rectorate. The mission statement was signed and officially passed.


In this way, the Central University Administration used a multistage, participative procedure to develop a mission statement whose content the employees identify with and which contributes greatly to giving the ZUV a clear alignment and identity.