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Mission Statement ZUV

Setting values — promoting communication — working as a team

The mission statement gives administrative employees orientation concerning the value system of the Central Adminsitration as well as communication and cooperation with their fellow employees. It provides a basis for the daily work of all employees, motivating them and giving them orientation with regard to the implementation of strategic goals and principles.

It creates a feeling of togetherness and helps all employees to identify with their employer, the University of Freiburg.

Moreover, the mission statement sends a signal of support and dependability to the administration's partners by defining the identity and profile of the administration as well as its structures and responsibilities within the university.

The mission statement was developed by the administrative employees in an intensive multistage process. It is not static and must therefore be continually put into practice, reviewed, and updated as needed.

This is the responsibility of each and every employee.

Netzwerkgrafik-v3-440px.png Netzwerk Sinnhaftigkeit Klarheit Wertschätzung Dynamik Sicherheit Qualitätsanspruch Gemeinschaft Partner in der Universität


  • We view ourselves as a vibrant and dynamic network of people. We are connected to each other by the common values that inform our work.
  • Each employee is a node in this network.
  • We establish the connections in the network by working, speaking, and communicating with one another.
  • The network opens up space for responsibility, esteem, communication, and interaction.
  • It creates potential within the framework of our organizational structures and areas of responsibility.
  • Our network is not a closed system; we are always on the lookout for new connections within the Central University Administration and beyond.


Partners at the University

  • The Central University Administration is an important part of the university. Our work is oriented toward the goals and overall tasks of the university within the framework of current legal requirements and economic circumstances.
  • As a service department, we ensure that the university has a basis for successful operation. The administration helps to give shape to the university as a partner for research, teaching, studies, and continuing education und makes an essential contribution to its sustainable development by providing dependable services.
  • The administration is an innovative service provider for the faculties, institutions, and all members of the university. We are committed to fulfilling our duties in a dialogue with our partners, with responsibility, foresight, creativity, and always with an eye to the results.



  • We are a SINGLE administration.
  • Clear responsibilities and structures are the basis of our work.
  • We build bridges across areas of responsibility.
  • We search for solutions and follow goals together in a team.
  • The diversity of our employees, their skills, and their knowledge enriches our teamwork.
  • We talk to one another, listen, and support each other. We face up to conflicts.
  • Management personnel have a special responsibility, serve as role models within the community, and promote considerate and trusting behavior among the members of the community.

Quality Standards

  • The work we conduct meets the highest quality standards.
  • Our partners' needs are important to us.
  • We offer our partners solid, pragmatic, and, if necessary, also unconventional solutions.
  • Challenges motivate us to take creative action.
  • We don't rest on our laurels and continually develop our professional, methodological, and social skills. Measures conducted by the Human Resources Department support us in this endeavor.
  • We regularly review the quality of our work with our partners.


  • We create an environment characterized by productivity, mutual trust, and humor.
  • We create security through respect and open and honest communication.
  • We create security by dealing constructively with mistakes.
  • We create security through a leadership culture that provides transparency with regard to tasks and decisions as well as trusting relations with each another.
  • We create security by complying with technical and social safety regulations.
  • In this way, we strengthen the community within the administration and with our partners in research, teaching, and studies.


  • We are part of a diverse university that undergoes constant development. Our duties and fields of activity change.
  • We help to shape these changes, deal with them in a constructive and creative way, and look for new solutions to old and new problems.
  • We organize our work as a shared process.
  • We develop ourselves as an organization and as individuals and make use of our abilities and potentials.
  • As management personnel, we are aware of our employees' strengths and foster their professional and personal development.


  • We are connected in the network as individuals.
  • Solidarity creates commitment.
  • We treat each other with respect and interact in a cooperative and transparent way; we do not tolerate personal disparagement.
  • We foster a culture of open communication in which everyone receives due attention.
  • We consider it important to give and receive feedback. Praise motivates.


  • Our goals, duties, and decisions are transparent. This provides the necessary basis for responsible action, motivation, and success.
  • We create trust and security with transparent, dependable administrative and decision-making processes.


  • We take responsibility for our actions.
  • We follow the principles of economic efficiency and sustainability.
  • We follow the principles of equality and diversity.
  • We follow the principles of social responsibility and welfare.
  • As thinking people, we hold our own work to high standards and continually reflect on the results, effects, and conditions.