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The Analysis of Business Processes

The term “business processes” refers to the daily activities of the administration. A business process includes all activities that must be completed by certain persons or groups of persons in a certain sequence in order to complete a certain task – taking account of certain requirements, such as laws, provisions, regulations, etc., and using certain aids, such as forms, computer programs, telephone calls, etc.

A business process analysis serves the purpose of illustrating these activities in graphical form so that they can be evaluated. However, the important thing is not the individual activities but the entire process, including the environment in which it is completed. This means that the analysis takes into account the persons engaged in the activities, the hardware and software used to complete them, and the documents and information produced in the course of completing them. The goal is to make the individual steps of the process more transparent for all involved and to find potential for optimizing them on this basis. One important aspect of a business process analysis is the perspective of the people the services are intended for – in this case the students, the teachers, and the administrative departments at the faculties and the central administration.